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This article will proves to be very helpful for those who are going to visit the Coimbatore as there are many ancient places are going to be discussed below where they can visit. If you are visiting Coimbatore alone for outing and beautifying the life then there are various attractive places in Coimbatore. But, without a good companion it’s incomplete. So, if you are in Coimbatore and seeking for companion or Escort then choose the reliable Escorts in Coimbatore.

The topmost Five Attractive destinationsin Coimbatore are following:

1. First one is Vidhan Soudha which is built in 1956 under the structure and planning of the Chief Minister of Karnataka. This place is considered as the heart of the Coimbatore as it is located in the centre of the city. The building is completely made of granite and various styles of cholas, Rajasthani, Kannada, and Dravidian was adopted for the construction of this monument. The large and huge doors of this monument are prepared with the help of pure sandalwood and also has wonderful carves on the doors. There are various big halls are also there in this building such as the council hall, the cabinet hall, and the assembly hall.

2. Attara kacheri which really means the 18 offices or departments is the second most attractive place in the Coimbatore. The construction of this building was taken place before the Vidhan Soudha. This building was planned by the Commissioner Bowring in 1864 in order to set a fully fledge secretariat. This building is of red colour as it is built with the combination of various bricks and stones. It is located in the Cubbon Park.

3. Cubbonpark is one of the biggest park in the Coimbatore and it is also considered as one of the famous landmark of this city as there are various ancient monuments are built in this park. It is structured ion 1970 and it is known as Cubbonpark on the name of Lord mark Cubbon.

4. Lalbagh which is basically situated around 4 km away from the vidhan soudha and there are various trees in this garden due to which it is also known as botanist’s paradise due to variety of trees. Actually this was the private garden of the Hyder Ali the ruler of Mysore who was the ruler of Mysore in 1760 and the further construction of this park was taken place under the observation of his son Tipu Sultan.

5. If we talk regarding the other ancient place then Tipu sultan’s fort is from among them as it built with the help of teak woods and there are various pillars and balconies along with many doors are there in this fort.

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